The Inventive Mind

Focus, Clarity and Balance……

Welcome to be inspired at THE INVENTIVE MIND!
The Inventive mind is the creative mind that can help you to find new ways and possibilities to expand and develop your inner awareness. When you want to create new visions and expand your communication skills you will need simple and good methods that are easy to use and remember. I can offer you a selection of courses with different depths, as well as shamanic energy healing, meditations with rest and relaxation that will open your mind and reinforce your connection between  your body, mind and soul.

The courses of FROM CHAOS OF THOUGHT TO A CREATIVE ORDER provide you with an elegant way to get rid of your chaos of thought. When you reach a more relaxed state of mind you are in better charge of your thoughts, emotions and ideas and your creative order. The courses are given individually or in small groups and can be tailor made upon request. Read more….

Shamanic Healing Inka being both an ancient and a
contemporary form of energy healing. It is practical, effective
and extremely beneficial for the circulation of energy reducing
potential imprints and blockages in the energy field and body.

The Guided Mediation journeys are inspired by various Healing
Stories and transferred to interesting Guided Meditation Journeys.

THE LIFE COACHING can give you guidance on lifestyle
issues and future perspective. Read more….

Qigong is also an important part in the inner development with
relaxing movements and breathing loosen murky energy and give
place for new fresh vital energy. Read more…

At THE INVENTIVE MIND you can choose what suits your
personal development best. I will help you to find the right tools.

All programs in THE INVENTIVE MIND can be provided in
English, Swedish or Spanish .

THE INVENTIVE MIND is based in Stockholm, Sweden
and is politically and religiously independent.
You are welcome to call me on +46 (0) 738 41 71 67
or mail for more information,
to book and for the prize list.
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