The Inventive Mind

Welcome to be inspired at the inventive mind!
“The inventive mind” can help you to find new opportunities and open up your inner awareness. When you want to increase your communication skills to create new visions and changes in your life, you need a simple and good method that is easy to learn, use and remember.

I can offer you a selection of courses with different depths, as well as shamanic energy healing Inca, meditations with rest and relaxation, and how to open your mind to reinforce the connection between your mind, body and soul.

The courses from chaos of thought to creative order will empower you and deepen your awareness of yourself. It imitates the mind at work and at rest using different levels of the mind. The courses can easily be integrated into any profession or context. No prior knowledge is needed. To train mentally and visually and reach your spiritual leaning is exciting, creative, motivating and tremendously beneficial in your daily life.

In the first course you will learn how to create a pathway to your subconscious mind and find your inner space of relax and well being. This is the place where you can handle your mental stress and develop new creative thoughts, ideas and feelings while being relaxed and focused at the same time. Knowing that you can direct your life according to your personal vision will motivate and inspire you and increase your Self-esteem.

The goal is to give you the keys how to be aware of your natural inner potential in a conscious and creative way and create your dreams and visions.

Below you can see a few examples from the first course.

*Relax your mind, You will learn how to relax your mind and reduce your mental stress in a creative and positive way.

*intuition, be friend with your intuition and recognize the difference between your intuition, fantasy and wishful thinking.

*Your timesaver, you can use your sleep of the night also to resolve problems, instead of brooding over them during daytime.

*Visualization and creativity, The visualization is a fantastic tool that will help you see how you can change your creative thoughts, ideas and vision into service or action..

*The power of thought, Are your thoughts a tool or a trap? Change your thoughts, and empower your life!

*Self- esteem, When you focus on the solution instead of the problem, You will increase your self-esteem. The beneficial ideas in the first course will help you to do that.