About Monica Haegg


My vivid interest of different art forms and human behaviour developed early in life.  My first life journey journey started as a professional Spanish dancer touring the world with different Spanish dance companies. These were fantastic years meeting different cultures, people and habits and o gave me a wide life experience.

My second life journey began due to my curiosity about the origin of the creativity in the depth of the human being. I wanted to understand in a deeper level how mind, body and soul interacted and how it worked so I could apply it in my life.

At the end of my dance carrier I dedicated my time and life to in depth studies and work with the mind and consciousness. The common link in all different bodies of knowledge I studied and worked with told me to follow my dreams with energy, thought and heart and never give up.

These were great advises from my teachers and it is still valid today.

My life experience with such a variation of knowledge is a good tool where I can help other creative people that find  their way in life. It is never to late to expand the creativity, self knowledge and awareness. Since years back I am a certified teacher in:

1. Graduated and a Certified Healer from The Healing Light Body School of The Four Winds, USA, in Shamanistic Energy Healing inspired by the Inca tradition in Peru.
2. Integrated Mindfulness-Visualization Training and Parapsychology from The Daniel Muller Institute, Madrid, Spain. I worked there as an assistant for seven years in the disciplines of coaching, courses and meditation. I started to teach the methods in Sweden after this period of time.
3. My in-depth energy healing studies continued with the Q’ero Shamans and Pacos from Peru, being Inca descendants and José Luis Herrera, Rainbow Institute, Peru
4. I am certified astrologer from The Faculty of Astrological Studies, London, England.

My vision in these demanding changing times, is to inspire people to move on in life with trust, hope and confidence learning different tools of self development in a creative way. The courses, coaching and meditations can be given in English, Swedish or Spanish.
You are very welcome to contact me if you like to know more or to book any of the program on +46 (0) 738 41 71 67 or mail info@theinventivemind.com
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