The divination consist not only of predicting the future, but help you to get in touch with it unseen ways. The symbols in an authentic divination/prediction system can open up new rooms within you so you can live in resonance with your soul. Below you will find some forms I usually work with.

I Ching is an oracle, a 3000 year old book also called the Book of Change that originally was created so we could speak directly with the gods and the spirits. It can advise you how to live with your inner and outer worlds and help you to find your course in life.
Be prepared for surprises!

According to ancient tradition and believes the 22 Big Arkana cards in Tarot are linked to different departments and the archetypical images of the consciousness. By interpreting the symbols in the cards the question can be answered and also offer many different possibilities and opportunities that cannot be seen in “a normal way”. Recently I have added the spectacular ORACLE CARDS, they can ad information to the traditional TAROT CARDS, and is a good complement.
The divination session with Tarot, Oracle cards or I Ching takes apx. 1 hour and cost 750 sek .(75 euros)

I also give courses in Tarot reading.

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