”Relax your mind, open your heart, let go and be happy”

Man has always moved, danced and walked to different rhythms to achieve different results or levels of satisfaction.
The simple movements and breathing in Qigong provide the inner organs with a slight massage and stimulate the circulation of Qi or Life Force in the body. The circulation of QI open up more space for new, fresh and vital Qi or energy.

The SHENG ZHEN GONG was created by Master Li jun Feng. It aims to give harmony, strength and life force connecting mind, body and soul. Sheng Zhen Gong also provide meditaition that help you to reach the stillness within. Sheng Zhen Gong is very stimulating for your well being and is well suited to be used alongside the rest of the  programs at THE INVENTIVE MIND.
THE INVENTIVE MIND is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

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