Shamanic energy Healing Inca


Shamanic energy healing Inca is a natural, non-intrusive and practical form of energy medicine, being both contemporary and ancient in its expression. It aims to bring into balance your entire state of being both mentally, physically, spiritually and energetically in a natural way. The practice are friendly and familiar to body, mind and soul. I track where the issue is imprinted in the energy field and clean it of imprints, blockages, disruptive thoughts and emotions. The healing is carried out externally to the body, with minimal physical contact.
Shamanic Energy Healing Inca does not replace a regular medical care and/or medication, but is a very good option to renew energy without medication in a powerful and life affirming way. It is based on the very old mountain traditions from the Andes in Peru as it has been practiced since ancient times through to today.

The Session
The sessions begins with a brief discussion about the nature of 
 the issue the client chooses to work with. All that is required of the client is to relax to allow the healing to take place. The energy medicine and the contact with nature stimulates and give balance to your energy system and bring a higher level of personal
energy, joy and life force.

A healing session typically lasts 1 – 2 hours, it is often necessary to
repeat the session 2-3 times.

PRIZE: 750 sek. per session. (75 euros)

You are welcome to call + 46 (0) 738 41 71 67
or mail me on  for more information or to book a session.
The healing sessions can be given in English, Swedish or Spanish. The Inventive Mind is located in Stockholm, Sweden and is political and religious independent.
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